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The Kara Heritage Institute, promoting a rich and vibrant heritage

The Kara Heritage Institute events showcase African tradition,
culture and heritage.

The Kara Heritage Institute gallery is a true testament to the indigenous cultural heritage, with African tradition and culture dominating at gatherings and events.

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Public Lecture By Doctor Mathole Motshekga, Guest Speakers: Professor Mammo Muchie, Mastercrafter Ntate Simon Masilo, Mr Lebohang Ngwako, and Miss Avhasei Mulovhedzi: All Photos taken by DNC Productio

Dr Mathole Motshekga, Guest Speakers and Attendees: 14 December 2014
Mastercrafter Ntate Simon Masilo: Presented Science and Culture 14 December 2014
Miss Avhasei Mulovhedzi: Presenting Kara Heritage Institute Curriculm Design: 14 December 2014
Professor Mammo Muchie: Presenting Ethiopianism and Pan Africanism: 14 December 2014.
Doctor Mathole Motshekga: Presenting Karaism-African Roots of Spiritual Traditions.
Mr Lebohang Ngwako: Presenting the Eco Village Concept 14 December 2014. Photo taken by DNC Productions.

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