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Sustainability and empowerment via the Kara Heritage Institute programmes

The Kara Heritage Institute has created a Community Development Programme to build communities and individuals for nation building.

The Kara Heritage Institute Community Development Programme educates communities in the likes of indigenous cultural heritage and African tradition, while training them in numerous other skills. The organisation’s primary goal is to shape sustainable livelihoods through skills development, assisting communities in acquiring the capabilities, assets and activities needed to make a better living.

By collaborating with important stakeholders in Private Public Partnerships (PPP) the Kara Heritage Institute is able to leverage assistance from relevant national and local government departments, NGOs, CBOs, faith-based organisations, as well as business labour and tertiary institutions. These collaborations have enabled the Kara Heritage Institute to create a cooperative development model addressing the plight of the disadvantaged and marginalised South Africans and assisting communities in amassing a variety of livelihood assets.

Our programmes:  

  • The Kara Heritage School offers education in African culture and history, life skills and communal life, entrepreneurial development, indigenous knowledge systems and indigenous cultural heritage.

  • The Kara Heritage Villages develop self-sufficient communities with pre-school and educare centres, cooperatives, sewing centres, entrepreneurial skills training programmes, libraries, science & technology toys for children, community building programmes and volunteer centres. These villages also play a fundamental role in building African heritage, culture, tradition and religion, ultimately creating the new African personality for the African Renaissance.

  • The Kara Arts and Crafts Centre provides training in pottery, beadwork, leatherwork, woodwork, sewing and community arts for curio shops and craft cooperatives.

  • The Kara Agriculture Cooperatives provide training in organic farming, agro processing, food security gardens and herbal gardens.

  • The SAHRA Heritage and Sacred Site Programme is based on a partnership with the SA Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) and the Department of Traditional Affairs, which jointly rolls out the promotion and conservation of heritage and sacred sites. These sites ultimately provide for public enjoyment, education, research and heritage tourism, while promoting local economic development through cultural tourism.    

When learners have completed their course and leave the Kara Heritage Institution Community Development Programmes, they receive further experiential training at Kara Demonstration Farms or in the Kara Villages. The learners may also receive assistance in establishing their own businesses or cooperatives.

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